The goal for this challenge is to dedicate just 4 days a week to training and fueling right. It’s that simple!

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Challenge Details

Welcome to the 4x4 Challenge, the simply effective guide to fitness and nutrition! Join me for this 4 week program and get ready to feel better than ever! 

Our step by step guide will walk you through your workout program (videos and all) + our weekly nutrition plan will set you up for success with grocery lists and meals (what to eat, when and how to make it).  So if you are ready for the perfect, no-nonsense guide to working out and eating right, you don’t want to miss this!   

This 4 week Challenge includes:

  • 4 workouts a week (2 strength workouts and 2 “KaisaFit” style cardio workouts)
  • A weekly meal guide with simple recipes + grocery list to coincide with each training day. We also include vegetarian options! 


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More Details:

Workouts are 45-60 minutes long and will require gym access.

Mondays and Thursdays are designed to improve total body strength. As with all strength programs, our workouts will remain the same each week in order to master the moves and increase the weight (aka get stronger).

Tuesday and Friday will be fun and exciting “KaisaFit” style sessions. These workouts will never repeat. Expect to be challenged each time with fun moves that get your heart pumping and sweat dripping!


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