If you follow me on Instagram, you know the way I like to train. It’s in the gym, it’s total body and it’s FUN! This brand new program will be just that!

NOW $49! That's Less Than $2.75 a Workout!

Full Body Strength Workouts

8 different total body strength workouts! Awesome KaisaFit style movements that will strengthen your entire body!

Full Body KaisaFit Style Cardio

8 different KaisaFit style cardio workouts! Creative, high intensity, total body cardio workouts. You will look forward to cardio day!

One Time Purchase with Access for Life!

Once you purchase IN THE GYM you will have access to the program for LIFE! That means you can go back to it at any point in time!



IN THE GYM was created specifically for you – the person who wants creative, fun KaisaFit style gym workouts! ­

Below is a preview of what you will get when you purchase IN THE GYM:

  • 8 different total body strength workouts
  • 8 different total body KaisaFit style cardio workouts
  • 2 different dynamic warm-ups

*Video demonstrations and downloadable PDFs will be provided for each workout for you to follow along and use forever*

Click Here to Purchase IN THE GYM with Kaisa!

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